Piyush Agarwal

Data Scientist in San Diego, California

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Piyush is an extraverted, curious, thorough and highly organized individual who is working as a Data Scientist in the domain of financial fraud detection - building solutions to help tackle the problem of money laundering. He also has some experience building computer vision models and deploying end-to-end machine learning applications.

After spending some time at a few well known global Universities and Companies, where he gained theoretical and practical experience in both machine learning and software development, Piyush knows how to build quality models while writing clean, concise and readable code. His experience with both machine learning and software engineering, in addition to providing quality interactions with all of his clients, give him an advantage of being a well rounded data scientist.

Piyush has worked on projects with various multinational organizations like HSBC, Facebook, Scotiabank, TRW Automotive, etc. and has also completed various online courses including a Deep Learning Specialization from deeplearning.ai, Nanodegree in Machine Learning from Udacity and Complete SQL Bootcamp from Udemy.

Piyush holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In his leisure time, you can find him working on another cool project, hiking, camping, motorcycling, running, playing ping pong or soccer, etc. Feel free to connect with him; he’s always up for a good chat.

  • Work
    • FICO
  • Education
    • University of North Carolina at Greensboro (USA)
    • Amity University (INDIA)
Mr. Piyush Agarwal completed a masters' degree in Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I was his professor for the course Principles of Computer Networks. As a part of this course, he built a Network Simulator using HTML and JS which is very useful tool for understanding the basic concepts of computer networks. I also mentored him for his Master's Project in which he performed analysis of Random Forest Algorithm... (Continued on Linkedin)
Dr. Shan Suthaharan, Professor of Computer Science at UNCG
I had the opportunity to work with Piyush on a group software development project at UNCG. Piyush was a creative problem solver with strong programming skills. I also found him to be a natural leader and team player. He later provided me with a lot of guidance to help me on a project in which I was setting up a Hadoop cluster. His support was extremely important. Piyush is passionate about learning new programming languages and always ready to share his knowledge with others.
Stephen Cowie, student at UNCG
Piyush, joined us in project TERRA at HCL technologies as a software engineer. A very cool person who used to sit next to me and that’s how I came to know his capabilities as well as potential within him. I never met a quick learner like him before. I need not to complete my answer on his query. He could pick up the conclusions and the reasons for any why immediately. Many times, I had a chance to learn from him. His sincerity and logical bent of mind, reflects from his coding.
Gourik Borah, Technical Lead at HCL Technologies